Black and Decker CJ625 Juicer – Review By DgCustomerFirst

Black and Decker CJ625You like citrus, then you have to fit of Black n’ Decker CJ625 because this product is the number 1 of best seller in electric citrus juicer. Also the price is very cheap is only about of $ 19 and more this juicer takes just of 30 watts of power supply, and then reversing reamer that is Auto so that the process becomes more leverage to make juice.

The Main Features

– Light and small

This juicer has a small form volume is only about of 450 cubic inches and length of 7.7 , width of 7.7 and height of 9.4 inches so it is easily stored everywhere and carry it everywhere you gone of this juicer and add of a light of 2.6 pounds or about 1.3 kilograms.

– 1 year warranty

The one that you are seeking of warranty? This juicer also gives you up to 1 year warranty for your usage.

– Auto reversing reamer

With this system allows you makes to more of juice so you can saving of your citrus juice to make in the next day.

And there are some other features are no less important as adjustable pulp control, strainer, stirrer and etc.


There are also several advantages of this juicer, according of C. Fleischer that Black & Dacker manufactures’s, the price is cheap and easy to clean after we use it, and again the cord neatly so the juicer is also pleasing to the eyes. And the other customer who has used this CJ625, he said after using this, he is getting the juice is more than he uses manual techniques and then the juice care from the fruit seeds that can be consumed directly.


By a customer who has been using a product that has the ASIN / Amazon Standard Identification Number B001EU9VSM have some lack that among others, this juicer is less work optimally if used continuously in the amount of juice that much at the same time, so you should not be too frequent to make juice, and then you need some time to cooling down this juicer if the engine was too hot so that basically if you want to make a lot of jus continue then you should make it a littles.

Rank In Amazon

The juicer have ranked first in the category of citrus juicer as the best-selling purchased so I strongly encourage those to you who like to buy citrus-juicer and was ranked #797 in Kitchen & Dining Department.

Customer Reviews

As many as 363 peoples who have reviewed this gives an average of 3.5 from of 5 stars or value provided.

Price And Where To Buy

You can buy it at Amazon Online Shop and low cost only about $ 19.99 for this day in October 6th and the previous price of $24.99 and discounted at 20% and so you can buy with prices now and save of $5 and you can get free shipping if you have purchased more than $25 at Amazon and if you want to have Electric Chopper with this juicer you can just add money $ 13.99 or you have to pay it all of $ 33.98, is not affordable?

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