Black and Decker JE2200B Juicer – Review By DgCustomerFirst

Black and Decker JE2200BIf you are alone, but like avocado juice, guave juice, or orange juice or in home just you that like juice like me, maybe JE2200B is the answer, because this juicer is suitable for personal use and very cheap just around $30, now don’t need lots of time to make fruit or vegetable juice that you like.


The JE2200B just needs 400 Watts of power, it is different with the others centrifugal juicer that need great electricity power. According me, this is the juicer with the small or smallest power because usually centrifugal juicer need 700 until 1200 watts of power, so just will pay cheaper electricity bills, although it’s low price but the material election is not arbitrary. example, juicer cutter is made from stainless steel,than the features is not less than premium juicer, such as also has integrated pulp container, Custom juice container, and guarantee is longer than others, ussualy 1 year but black n dacker JE2200B will give 2 years warranty to you.


so above fitures is reason why you buy that juicer, but you will shock because it’s just 1 pounds of weight, is it very and the size is 13 x 9 x 13 inches, so this juicer is included space saving equipment.


But, because the hurom is low centrifugal juicer, don’t wonder if this is very noisy, so you must make juice in “good time”, example, when lunch, or ketika semua sedang berkatifitas, dan don’t make juice with BND JE2200B when midnight, or when your friend are studying. according some customer, that is not good for much quantity, so don’t force JE2200B. And maybe black plastic cover make this juicer is not elegant


the JE2200B is one of best seller juicer, juicer that have ASIN B003ZDNKSS get #3 in centrifugal juicer, #4 in juicer and #198 in Kitchen and Dining, so many people buy that appliance.


Black and Decker JE2200B can be bought in lots of place, but if buy in amazon great online shop, you will get special price around $27 and free shipping is available if the purchase is more than $35.


not suggestion for family people, better for personal using, and wash that juicer  before first using

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