Breville JE98XL Juicer – Review By DgCustomerFirst

Breville JE98XLGet a good juicer is sometimes difficult but if you hear about the BREVILLE juicer brand then you will find a juicer that has been proven and tested at speeds up to 12,000 rpm and a variety of innovative features plus the price is affordable or cheap it is no wonder this juicer to be one of best in amazon-shop in the online shop.

Main Features

As a tool to make of juice, the BREVILLE JE98XL has many useful features but I will to review a few as below.

Two Speeds

With two speed options so you can choose a low speed around 6,500 rpm for fruits and vegetables are tender and choose high speed for the tough.

Low price but high quality

Heard, the price is less than $ 150 and it’s no wonder to doubt this little juicer because the price is relatively of cheap but all were answered by a variety of features that are not inferior to other expensive juicer that although the price is cheap but not-cheaper.

850 Watt

Whit power as it is classified as moderate but you can easily make juice like pineapple juice or juice made ​​from fruits hard other.

Large capacity pulp collector

If you want to juice a lot different because you may have trouble removing the remaining of fruit juice but if you use the Breville JE98XL then you can abort activity that. Especially if you are a seller of juice then this feature is for you.

Overload Protection LED

If you fill juicer too much then it will most likely occur to damage but does not apply to this juicer because it has features that make this juicer automatically to off in the event of overload.

Direct Central Feed

As the name it then this feature will make the juice extraction process becomes more leverage because it is done in direct differ to other juicer.


With a one year warranty you do not have to worry if there is any damage after purchase, because you can make a claim to derive the Breville JE98XL or repair of your damaged.


Accordance a user of this juicer which named of Miller when he put in the mouth juicer with the fruit or vegetable then sometimes out again, what is this juicer because the motor’s is too fast, he said.

Customer review

Said a mother which named S. Gill that this juicer cheap, quick in making and which she says is equally important that this juicer produces more juice. And another review of Karen Miller

Price and Where to Buy

The price of the juicer that I have this review is $ 149.95 because you’ve got a discount of 25 % of the original price is $ 199.99 and you can add $ 16.06 to get insurance from square trade which has been working with amazon.

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