Cuisinart CJE 1000 Juicer – Review By DgCustomerFirst

Cuisinart CJE 1000Your family like the Cuisinart CJE 1000 Juice is suitable for them because that have of five speeds and 1000 watts of power, you makes this juicer can be meet the needs of the entire family both of your boys are like apple juice for example or your daughter who likes carrot juice, or husband and wife who likes tomato juice and so forth, because with the 5 speeds you can select them according to the fruit or vegetable juice so you want to make more effective and efficient.

Main features

– 3 inches

Just as expensive juicer and this juicer also has of 3 inches mouth juicer,

– 1000 watts with 5 speeds

With power of 1000 watts you would not be surprised if this juicer can have power of maximum.

– LED Control

With surrounding LED speed button is blue colour so that will add to the beauty of this juicer when used, let alone used at night.

– Good material

This product has ASIN B0030EH7S6 is made with stainless steel housing and Die cast to make you comfortable to using this juicer and beautify your kitchen.

 – 3 years warranty

For matters of the warranty, Cuisinart CJE 1000 have of midst if compared the others juicer because this juicer gives of 3 year warranty to you and the others juicer usually only give of a year warranty and there is also a juicer that gives 15 -yearsof manufacture warranty so I think this juicer was in the middle for warranty.And you are still other features that are not less good as foam reducing, includes tools, easy unlock and lift system and etc.

Rank In Amazon

Cuisinart CJE 1000 is sitting at No. 9 in the category of best seller of Centrifugal juicers so you should think about this before buying a juicer and in the department of Kitchen & Dining, this product was ranked as the 1,832 most frequently purchased products at amazon.

Customer Reviews


Based on testimony from a person who has put on Cuisinart CJE 1000, he said that he bought this juicer because that its specs and others juicer is almost the same as he wants but stock runs-out, then he was happy because after its using is obtain appropriate of description from the manufature.


William Allen said that after three months of usage of the knife to looks of dull knife and the pitcher is not easy to clean if used for juicing spinach or parsley so he cured juice to make it back. And according to Karen Feernandez when he was dumping leftover pulp to make juice it still looks watery gruel and maybe if we squeeze the juice will get more of this juicer and means it not maximum in the process of extraction of the fruit and vegetables. And according to myself because it forms a relatively large juicer with 14.92 inches wide as the basket catcher porridge and juice pitcher which do not become attached and of 16,46 inches of high and it will require quite a lot of places.

Price And Where To Buy

The price of the juicers have of 1000 watts is equivalent to the features of the good, the price originally is $ 270.00 but it gets a discounted price of 46% from Amazon then you simply to pay of $ 145.33 only and there of good news again you can get free Shipping so you can save $ 124.67 and if you have not been able to make a delicious juice blend, then you can pay $ 14.80 to get the book of “Juicing Bible” by Pat Crocker is known as the originator of the Culinary Herbalist.

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