Omega J8004 Juicer – Review By DgCustomerFirst

Omega J8004Sometimes peoples think of the warranty if you buy an items, like you choose which juicer may have a few years, if the warranty another juicer only give of 1 year warranty and for Omega J8004 is not, because the warranty to of 15 years, so very long is not it? But you should read warranty details in first.

Main Features

– 80 RPMs Speeds

Maybe this is a very slow speeds of juicer than ever I review but this is the speeds of the system to maintain a healthy of enzymes in the juice and the results can be lasting until about 3 days or 72 hours and if you think it took so long because it uses this speeds then you are wrong because you did not take that long.

– Making spaghetti, Wheatgrasses Juice, natural baby food and pepper

This juicer is very versatile indeed good for your baby, you are my beloved son, husband or your wife, grandfather and grandmother and all are able to use it for example make natural food for your baby made ​​from nuts and then you blend it with the Omega J8004, you can also make a spice in your cooking, make juices from vegetables with good results and much more.

– Up to 15,000 rpm

This juicer can be very slow but it can also be set to be very fast even to 15,000 and did not much juicer that speed up like this, a lot of juicer which usually only have a maximum speeds up to of 12,000 only.

– Two Stages to Make Juice

With the two stages of this processing technology will produce juice that is efficient, meaning that you will get a lot more juice than other juicer and it use is a 2 stage crushing and squeezing, so if you make carrot juice, first the carrots will be destroyed and then after a slurry be squeezed of carrot juice back so generated would be maximized.

– Using GE Ultem

You can see the body of J8004 on the use of this type of plastic but using this type of GE Ultem material which is 8 times stronger than plastic in the market.

Customer Review


From of 852 customers who on average give value more than 4 stars from 5 provided to the product has ASIN B001L7OIVI. According to one consumer who named M. Neubauer, the superiority this juicer is when we make the juice of green vegetables with this juicer will be better than the centrifugal juice. Moreover the resulting pulp was dry and can be used to make compost.


He said that their chute too small and other shortcomings, if you make the juice more than of 1 time then the pitcher will be not fit because the size is rather small. And again you need a few steps to make juice .


This juicer has an excellent if sales record, this being number of 4 best seller from other juicers and ranks second in the category masticating juicer and the Kitchen and Dining Department got the rank of 392, so you should think about this juicer before buying another.


You should have more money if you buy a juicer because the price is just expensive at of $ 227.99 but you can get free shipping from Amazon but the actual price is $340.00 because minus of $112, or about 33 percent, for those of you have not been able to make juice or to your want to make a delicious juice that you can pay of $ 14.80 to get of guide book to make juice which entitled “The Juicing Bible” so the amount you have to pay of $ 242.79.

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